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Welcome to GraceLand Cottages & Rentals!


Our family is very excited to be living the dream of life on the water. We look forward to meeting some great people and having a lot of laughs together. We have a lot of plans for the camps and grounds. We ask that you are patient with us during the renovations. We hope everyone enjoys their stay!


Our policies are in affect to help us stay "A small personable run business". Upon booking, you will be asked to read and sign a Guest rental contract   before your vacation please, make sure we have your email.  We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your patronage!

Privacy Any personal data collected by GraceLand Cottages will not be shared with a third party. Any personal data provided by the renter is for the sole purpose of a cottage rental transaction. All information will be kept confidential.

Damages & Liability The renter represents, warrants, acknowledges and agrees that the use of GraceLand Cottages property , its facilities and equipment

will be within the terms and conditions set forth. Graceland Cottages assumes NO responsibility in any way over situations we have no immediate control. Renters and Visitors who are on the property in and around GraceLand Cottages use at their own risk. We advise to use safety at all times.

The renters undertake to indemnify and hold the rental property Owner harmless against any and all loss, injury, claims, causes of action, demands and/or costs and expenses that may be incurred by the Renters or anyone on or using the cottage or it's property in relation to the cottage rental. Renters assume all liability (without any limitations) for the subject property for all guests during occupancy of the rental period. The property Owner shall not be held liable for any personal injuries of any kind. A Damage Deposit/Cleaning Deposit of $100 is due upon 2 weeks prior to your vacation and will be returned in full pending cottage inspection, subjected to cottage being clean, nothing is broken, damaged or missing upon departure. Renters should not attempt to fix any repairs or damages and should notify the owners as soon as possible.

Reservations All Reservations are subject to confirmation with a deposit. Must be 25+ years or older to rent. 

All Cottages are smoke free. Prices are subject to 13% HST. A Booking Deposit required Weekend $150 and Weekly $300 . There are no refunds for early departure or late arrivals. 

Balance due in full 2 weeks prior to check-in date. 

Cancellations & Refunds If there is a cancellation prior to 30 days of your vacation, a service charge of $75 will be held back per cottage and the difference refunded back to the guest. If there is a cancellation after the 30 days, you will lose your weekend $150 & or Weekly $300 booking fee. Any cancellations 2 weeks prior to vacation or guest is a no show,  you will be responsible for 100% payment in full. There will be no refunds for cancellations after the 2 week period.  *Due to COVID regulations: If you have made a booking deposit and Graceland can not be open we will refund booking deposit*

All cancellations must be in writing via email to There are no refunds due to power outages or storms.

Payments Payments accepted are by cash or E-transfer. All pricing is in CAD dollars. All prices are subject to 13% HST.

All prices are subject to change without notice. US funds accepted and can be exchanged onsite. 

Check in/Check out Check in time is 2pm and check out time is 10am. If you have a late departure a $50.00 fee will be applied. Express check ins are available for an additional $25 fee upon request.

Quiet Time Please try to respect other cottage renters. No noise before 8am and after 11pm. All children under 16 must be at their own campsite by quiet time.

Visitors It is the responsibility of the cottage renter to register their visitors with the main office. Fee $10/adult, $5 child (designated parking for visitors).

No unregistered guests are allowed on the property. Any unregistered visitors will be asked to leave and renters will be charged an additional fee of $75/visitor per day. Visitors are required to park in the designated visitor parking and will be required to leave by 10pm. The cottage renter is responsible for any visitors he/she has invited and it is their responsibility to make sure their visitors abide by the rules and use the grounds responsibly.  

Pets Cats and dogs only. We like pets, but not everyone does. Please keep the place clean and tidy up after your pet. There is a limit of 1 pet per cottage designated to pet friendly cottages only (Woodpecker and Blue Jay cottages are not pet-friendly). Renters pets only, no exceptions. Renters are asked to immediately pick up after their pets. Renters must bring a pet bed for their pets. Pets must always be well behaved and leashed. Violation of these policies will result in the renter being asked to leave without compensation. 

Wild Life Please do not leave any food around the campsite and do not feed the wild life.

Drinking Water Our drinking water is pumped out of our own well and is inspected by the Ministry of Health. Use it Wisely. Water is a valuable resource. Conserve where you can. 

Alcohol Please be responsible with alcohol. It must remain on your own site. Do not carry any glass bottles or glasses outside of your campsite. Illegal drugs are NOT permitted on the property. If this does occur, you will be asked to leave immediately without refund.

Smoking SMOKING IS PROHIBITED IN ANY OF THE COTTAGES. If cottage is found to be smoked in, renter will be subjected to pay an additional cleaning fee. Please use the ashtrays provided for ashes and butts. 

Wood No outside wood is permitted on the grounds. Wood is for sale at the main office.

Fire Pits Cottagers are only to use the designated fire pits and adhere to fire restrictions which will be posted at the main office daily.

Cottagers are to keep a pail of sand and/or water beside the fire. 

Picnic Tables Picnic tables are to remain on the grass and not on decks. 

Propane Tanks Every cottage has a propane tank beside there cottage If anyone hits or damages the propane tanks, there will be a fee of $1600 to replace. No vehicles are to be parked beside the propane tanks. There is a designated parking area.

Waste Baskets The waste basket in your bathroom is for Kleenex and other bathroom products. Please DO NOT attempt to flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

Garbage Collection/Recycle Bins Garbage will be collected every Sunday , Wednesday & Friday mornings from the cans outside your cottage.

Starter garbage bags will be provided in the garbage and recycle bins.

Grease Grease cans are supplied on the stove in your cottage. Please dispose of any type of grease in these cans. DO NOT pour grease down any drains in your cottage as grease will plug our drainage system. 

Cottage Supplies Please make sure that all cottage supplies are returned after socializing with others. 

Beaches Please ensure small children wear their lifejackets at the beach, as there are no lifeguards. Parents must be with their children at all times. 

Please be advised that absolutely NO nudity will be tolerated on the grounds.

Boating Boat rentals must be in conjunction with cottage rental. A credit card is required with all boat/motor rentals. Must be 25+ years or older to rent. 

Must have a boating license. A boat registration card is to be filled out prior to rental. We have  4 seadoo's, 3 pontoons boats, motor boats, 2 kayaks, canoe, paddle boat.

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